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Owning a Diamond Jewellery is every woman’s dream. They rightly say, ‘Diamond is a girl’s best friend!”. Back in the year 1074, when a queen from Hungary decided to adorn her crown with a diamond for the first time in History, little did she know that she was creating a wave for an era of mesmerising designs that will be crafted around these most precious stones. Today the trend of wearing diamond jewellery is reaching new heights and more and more people want to own their Masterpieces. However, there are some important points to learn before you head to buy or create your dream design.

How are Diamonds graded for Quality?

We all have heard about the 4Cs of a Diamond that is Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. A detailed study of each of these four elements determines its Quality and Value. Diamonds are Internationally graded for Quality with below acronyms.

gia clarity scale diamonds Photo Credit : GIA

If you are buying a single stone Solitaire, then things are pretty easy and all the information is up there to grab. But when it comes to Jewellery, it gets very tricky. Most Jewellery will also have lot of small diamonds along with the bigger ones. And hence, whenever it is certified, it will usually show a mix of qualities in the certificate. It is also because of the limitations of grading while the diamonds are mounted on the metal. For someone like you, who believes in owning Masterpieces it is always suggested to go for VS and up quality of diamonds for your jewellery.

Why you should go for VS and Up quality of diamonds in your Jewellery?

  1. The Cut and Make is the best
  2. Since VS and up quality diamonds are of a higher value, it is manufactured with a lot of precision to eliminate the flaws. Cut is a symmetrical arrangement of facets that enhance the appearance and shape of the stone. An 'excellent' or 'very good' cut grade means that the diamond has little to no dark areas. These geometric aspects play an important role in defining the character and strength of a Diamond.

  3. More Brilliance, Fire and Lustre
  4. Well-cut diamonds can reflect different types of light. This ability to reflect light is typically referred to as ‘Brilliance’ and ‘Fire’. Brilliance refers to a diamond’s ability to reflect white light. The whiter the light that a diamond can reflect off its table to your eyes, the more Brilliant it is. Fire refers to a diamond’s ability to disperse coloured light. A diamond with great fire might give off a coloured reflection, giving it a unique character and beauty. Fire can take the form of any of the spectral colours, from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. These two factors that makes a diamond jewellery sparkle and look particularly impressive with a beautiful lustre.

  5. VS and Up quality are Rare
  6. Few things in nature are absolutely perfect. This is as true of diamonds as anything else. Since rough diamonds generally come with a lot of inclusions and blemishes, it is indeed a stroke of luck to find some stones with lesser or no flaws. It also takes a lot of art, science and maths to be able to remove these inclusions or place them in a way that it doesn’t impact the light reflection during the manufacturing process. It’s the rarity that places these diamonds always in demand.

  7. Better return on Investment
  8. Since high quality diamonds are always in demand, it will always fetch a higher price in the market. The rarity of perfectness allows the diamond to increase in value more rapidly–both in terms of inflation and the high demand and limited supply of diamonds. Imperfect or low-quality diamonds and those showing considerable flaws are not nearly as rare and valued and so are less likely to appreciate much over time.

  9. Less wear and tear
  10. Diamonds are tougher in the directions where the atoms are bonded tightly together, less tough where they’re not so tightly bonded. Higher quality diamonds are more Durable meaning they are manufactured in a way to retain their hardness (to reduce scratches and abrasion), toughness (to reduce breaking and chipping) and stability (to reduce chemicals and thermal shocks).

  11. Used by most renowned brands
  12. Harry Winston,Tiffany & Co.,Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels and some of world’s best jewellery brands promote high quality diamonds. Even Internationally acclaimed jewellery designers like Amit J Ghosh will only suggest you to go for VS, VVS quality diamonds if you are dreaming of having your own customised diamond jewellery. And if you are still unsure Contact Amit J Ghosh for a free first consultation and check it out for yourself.

  13. Leave behind your Legacy
  14. A beautiful designer jewellery, its high-quality diamonds and precious stones are meant not only for the lifetime but beyond. You will be able to pass on your legacy to your loved one with it still having the same sparkle and shine. After all, you are 'Crafting dreams into Masterpieces’.

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