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Founder - Amit Ghosh

With love for art and passion for jewellery designing, Amit J Ghosh launches his very own brand!

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Having 17 years of experience in the industry and winning many accolades, he combines his expertise and international know how into making world class jewellery designs.

Amit Ghosh is born in Kolkata, India, a place considered as haven for jewellery artists. His dreams took him to Mumbai after his graduation to get trained as a professional jewellery designer. He has spent considerable time into knowing the intricacies of designing and jewellery manufacturing with local artisans as well as some renowned jewellery manufacturing companies. He later moved to Saudi Arabia to get an international exposure.

In 2006, he joined Rosy blue and has enlarged his portfolio from a designer to a professional dealing with research, conceptualization and product development. He has worked extensively for the Middle East and USA and UK market.

He believes in creating designs that not only suits the requirement and comfort but also becomes a 'master piece' for the wearer.

The idea about launching the brand Amit J Ghosh is to provide his expertise to an ever increasing demand for new, fresh and comfortable jewellery designs. From everyday wear to high end pieces, the idea of putting love and art into his creations remains the same.

Welcome to the world of Amit J Ghosh designs and marvel at the masterpieces!