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Designing a piece of jewelry is about dreaming and about being fascinated with every small creation of this universe. The inspiration may come from the nature, the cosmos, geometry or just a beautiful smile! From putting into paper that first spark of inspiration, the designer invests a lot of creative depths and energy into the work so that the distinctive style and shimmering beauty comes out in his creations. Like a true artist, jewellery designers exhibits passion, originality, outstanding craftsmanship and great understanding of composition and designs.

The team of Amit J Ghosh comprises of some the finest designers who works very hard to bring those imaginations into paper and then turn it into a 3D reality. It’s an amazing combination of vision and technical expertise. The team uses a blend of latest technology and the age-old methods handed down through generations just to make sure the final outcome is a masterpiece.

Every design that gets created at Amit J Ghosh is sure to leave you mesmerized!